Google Places, Facebook, Google Ads, and referral sites in some markets – this is where you spend money online

Google Places, Facebook, Google Ads, and referral sites in some markets – this is where you spend money online

The hard work and the real reward are earned face to face through grassroots, on the ground marketing to patients and referral sources. More on that later down our list – this is a big part of our program.

We would never do this to you

If you want to learn how to maximize your marketing spend on the internet and learn from an actual Google Partner Company, we will show you how we do it!

Logo Creation – Your logo will be customized just for you by one of our expert web designers. Nothing about our processes is cookie cutter, we nurture your brand completely from scratch, with your input.

We will go through every form and document with you answering any questions that you have

Brochure Design – You will receive 1000 professionally designed, high quality, glossy brochures, customized for your home care agency. These are professionally designed and printed trifold brochures.

Business Cards – You will receive 1000 professionally designed, high quality, glossy business cards, customized for your home care agency. These are not vista print cards; they are high quality and customized for you.

Professionally Designed Website – Your professionally designed website will be designed, developed, optimized and launched to guarantee placement in all search engines within the world wide web (WWW). Your website will be desktop, mobile and tablet compatible including SEO meta tags, search engine submission, etc. and also includes professional email addresses (example), high resolution health care images, social icons and linking, a Google map widget, daily malware scans and much more.

Sales and Marketing Home Care Business Training – Learn how to earn new patient referral sources and attract private pay, Medicaid, and insurance patients. *Caution: Other home care consultant companies offer outdated marketing training from presenters with little or no real-world industry experience. Always ask about training credentials before you buy!

Learn how to leverage your home care business as a specialist in a variety of specific areas by launching specialty programs where you focus on common problems among our care community such as Balance & Fall Prevention, Orthopedic Care, Cardiopulmonary, Diabetes, Infusion/IV Therapy, Wound, Care Transitions, etc. These programs as well as specialty programs which focus on disease with the highest fatality rates are just some of the ideas for specialty programs that will be discussed during the live marketing training seminar.

We walk you through the entire process of starting your home care business and guarantee your licensure and startup. Furthermore, we walk you through your agencies policies and procedures and offer support and take your calls for as long as you own your home care business. What better training could you ask for than literally being walked through all the agencies operations, policies and procedures one on one with an actual expert? And all of this without having to fly anywhere for a group training. What’s better than one on one training when it comes to learning how to operate your business?

MARKETING TRAINING – One of the most important elements to your business aside from the actual care you provide to your patients – WE HAVE THE BEST REFERAL MARKETING TRAINING IN THE BUSINESS – We have grown our own home care and home health care business revenue to $50 Million annually, and the host of our Marketing Training, this man has personally done the work, he has been there – these are not consultants teaching you how to grow your home care business – these are actual industry leaders.

All our operations training is one on one. We refuse to outgrow ourselves. Other companies and franchises limit you to a webinar after paying tens of thousands of dollars. We will not limit you to a group operations training or webinar – we will take the time to talk and work with you one on one – always.

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