Natural, sweet, and you can autumnal, Eevi are a sparkling Finnish unisex name

Natural, sweet, and you can autumnal, Eevi are a sparkling Finnish unisex name

Listed below are some quite gorgeous options we understand off, and they are sure to assist you in finding the best Finnish lady term for your lovable new baby daughter!

a hundred Stunning Finnish Woman Names

Continue reading to obtain the finest Finnish term for your the fresh new absolutely nothing warrior, in addition to all of the meanings, roots, and enjoyable circumstances so you’re able to make that every-essential solutions…

Aada was a fairly and you can delicate grizzly Profielen Finnish women label. “A-” brands will always be preferred, consider pick one that is three-residence laden up with one letter? Aada is derived from names eg Adele or Adelaide, which are grounded on good Germanic stem definition “commendable.”

  • Meaning: Commendable
  • Pronunciation: AH-dah
  • Variations: Adele, Ada

Aamu is an excellent Finnish keyword label getting an innovative new and you can beautiful young girl. Meaning “morning,” Aamu signifies an innovative new chapter laden with guarantee, excitement, and chance – a great way to need the beauty of a new absolutely nothing woman.

  • Meaning: Morning

Aino are a hugely popular Finnish lady title inside Finland on whenever, and now we are able to see as to the reasons! Its simple spelling and you can brief but sweet pronunciation make it available and you will lovely, one another because Aino and its particular version Aina. In the Finnish mythology, Aino was title regarding a beautiful but tragic heroine of the newest Kalevala impressive, whom made a decision to block by herself in the place of marry facing the girl tend to. Aino retains the definition out of “the only person,” supplying the name a great heartfelt, unique feel so you can they. The sole irony is the fact, considering the name’s dominance not too long ago, your own ded Aino in her own university!

  • Origin: Finnish, Estonian
  • Meaning: The only person
  • Pronunciation: IE-zero

During the Finnish mythology, Akka is the goddess of virility, hitched to Ukko, the goodness away from thunder. Good personification away from characteristics and new life, Akka retains a pleasant sentiment to help you bestow abreast of a little lady. It should be also detailed, however, one “akka” converts from Finnish so you’re able to suggest “old woman” otherwise “hag,” which is the right contrary of your own beautiful infant girl, but never let you to bother you!

A name popular worldwide, Ana is utilized just like the a hugely popular version on the universally-treasured Anna. Within the Finnish, Ana age toward sweet, stretched distinctions instance Anneli, Anella, otherwise Anita, all of these are just breathtaking.


Anneli is an attractive Finnish label based on the favorite Ann base, meaning “grace.” Anneli try a fairly, softer, and fantastically female particular the name, very well e looks. If you need brands such as for example Annabelle otherwise Amelia, it name will be a wonderful, not to mention unique, option.

Auri is a pretty and phenomenal-category of title getting a small princess. It is a rarer-heard variation on identity State of mind, which is extracted from Greek source, definition “snap.” It airy meaning gives the term all of the gentleness out of an excellent whisper, since the sweet “-i” conclude adds a type of cool, popular design for the short title.


Aurinko is actually a stellar title for a baby, meaning “sun” from inside the Finnish. An effective unisex identity, Aurinko shines warmly more people who listen to they in fact it is an effective higher possibilities if you’re looking for a somewhat longer name one to nonetheless musical perfectly nice towards language.

Given that good girl’s name, Eevi makes for a cute adaptation to your name Eve. To possess a guy, Eevi would work once the a variation towards Edvin. Into meaning of “lifetime,” Eevi feels fresh and you may successful, packed with possibility and you may secret.

Elea was a popular lady label during the Scandinavia, in accordance with such a radiant definition, we can realise why. A short particular Eleanor holds the latest smart meaning of “brilliant, shining white,” casting an enjoying shine up on its holder. Alternative sizes to adopt is Ela or Ele.

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