While the most other gods also initiate sacrificing their spirits one because of the you to definitely

While the most other gods also initiate sacrificing their spirits one because of the you to definitely

Xueying realized that she had been employed by the newest devils, so she take down brand new guy you to confident their to greatly help the newest Demon Domain. They both died towards the bottom. (I’m rather happy you to definitely XueYin died, but I feel like their passing should’ve been a great deal more revengeful)

SCANDAL Day: MuGuang is brand new Beautiful Emperor, and then he is just about to get married WuHuan. (today she’s got the status she wants :((( ). Seem to, GuJun and you will WuHuan also provide a girl (that produced off a keen egg, which is kinda unusual, but okay) . GuJun got anyone to do fortune telling, and you may try advised one to their child would be a genuine Immortal.

But once she got examined on her means, she (amazingly) were able to carry out the enchantment precisely, whether or not she invested enough time trying to manage it, however it didn’t functions

Skips to help you whenever HouChi is actually grown up. Appear to, HouChi remains very bad within the lady spells, similar to ShangGu at first.

[Ep 17] Ohp nevermind. Think of the things i said in the HouChi to be able to do the spell precisely for the first time? As it happens, the lady master performed you to definitely on her behalf. HouChi, instance ShangGu, was also produced having signed religious veins.

OOOOHHHHH, therefore HouChi enjoys a pal, called BoXuan, in which he ‘s the “disguised character”. They are BAIJUE’S REINCARNATION. Yayyyyy! However, he or she is went incognito/missing getting 10,100 decades because of a trial. (tbh, I really like the name ShangGu and BaiJue more than HouChi and you may BoXuan)

This type of lower immortals spin an account on the Learn, ZiYuan, because they missing the new Fire Coral, so they rest about this and you will push the newest fault towards the HouChi and you will FengRan (HouChi’s grasp).

JingZhao are MuGuang and WuHuan’s child, and the woman is *spoiled. She and additionally acts kind of like WuHuan, for example, viewing and you can mistreating the woman reputation, etc etc

HouChi goes toward the reduced realms, and since she has never leftover the QingChi palace when you look at the ten,000 ages, there’s a lot out of rumors about the lady. There’s actually a person selling an image of HouChi, due to the fact anyone considered that she was unsightly, and nowadays, the image regarding HouChi is employed so you’re able to “attract away evils”.

Oh, so appear to, BaiJue’s reincarnation, QingMu, is also extremely strong. They are brand new North-sea Superstar Lord, and you can (their hair style and changed, plus it appears kind. out of strange) . He is more relaxed and you will totally free than just BaiJue, but he still cannot want to chat to people. JingZhao keeps a beneficial smash towards the QingMu… ugh… We claim, she actually is XueYin’s reincarnation. They go with the a stroll together.

However they begin the incorrect legs

HuoChi coincidentally sees the pair of them. BoXuan sees HouChi (and you will cheesy audio shows), but I’m sure the guy either forgot this lady, otherwise pretended which he don’t see her. QingMu realises they have a similar bracelet, and that designed they are connected somehow. (turns out that during his demo, he forgot on the HouChi)

[Ep 18] FengRan and you can ZiYuan begin assaulting from the DongHua’s birthday escort review Lansing celebration, and HouChi spends the newest bracelet so you can pretend she’s got really effective religious stamina. She closes the new attacking, and you can looks absolutely unbelievable in her freshly switched gowns, and in what way she talks back within bad some one is very *queen-such. QingMu observes ShangGu within his ambitions. HouChi along with makes it to make certain that anyone who tries to crack the new restrict to your ZiYuan will get struck by lightning. JingZHao was without a doubt the one who had hit from the lightning.

Ohhhhhh, I’m speculating one to DongHua try among the immortals still live about large struggle within devils and you may immortals, and from now on the guy believes you to QingMu is comparable to BaiJue, and you may HouChi resembles ShangGu a great deal.

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